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Hot Tub Rentals & Sales

Try out one of our hot tubs before you buy or rent for a special occasion. 
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Our hot tubs plug into an ordinary 110 volt plugin.

Portable Luxury Hot Tubs

Rental Pricing

The tubs can be picked-up with a pick-up truck or trailer with at least 3 people to load to avoid delivery fees.

Christmas and New Years are an extra $100 each holiday.

Please note our rates below.

1 Week

Rental Rate
(Holidays Extra)

1 Month

Rental Rate
 (Holidays Extra)

2 Months

Rental Rate 
(Holidays Extra)

3 Months

Rental Rate (Holidays Extra)

Buddy of Mine Hot Tub Rental Info


Our tubs are 33” wide, so they fit through a standard 34” gate. They are round, 79” in diameter, and weigh 275lbs empty and 3000lbs when filled.


If your deck is built to code, it is no problem to place the tub on your deck, maximum of 2 steps, unless you supply additional manpower.


The tubs have 20 high pressure jets on your back and 2 messaging jets on your feet.


The tubs are equipped with a 1kw heater with the 110v plug and can be 4kw on 220v when hardwired after a tub is purchased.


The tubs have a 6 person capacity but fit 4 comfortably.


The cord is 12’ and cannot be put on an extension cord, or it voids the warrantee.


A credit card # for security purposes and your home insurance policy # are required.


Your rental comes with all necessary chemicals and full instructions.


Delivery and Pick-up prices are as follows and require one person to assist our driver in placing the tub.

Delivery Pricing Table

Please call if your location is not listed below
Dunnville $50 (Minimum)
Smithville $100
Cayuga $100
Port Colborne $130
Welland $140
Grimsby $140
Fonthill $145
Caledonia $155
Hagersville $155
Stoney Creek $185
St. Catharines $195
Niagara Falls $230
Simcoe $240
Hamilton $240
Burlington $250
Niagara on the Lake $260
Brantford $270
Oakville $300
Mississauga $400
Fort Erie $200
Call for other locations

Canadian Made

Please click above for more information from the manufacturer of our tubs.
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